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Welcome to the 2019 /2020 New England Fusion Tryouts!


We wanted to provide some information prior to the first night.  


·         Please arrive early!!  Registration opens at 5pm—Check in is located in the open area between Brown and Forrest Field (there will be a tent)

·         All players must be warmed up and ready to go at 6pm  (this includes your arms and legs)  We must start promptly at 6pm!! 

·         All player equipment bags should be left outside the fields or against the baseball field fence near the registration table.

·         All players will bring their bat and helmet into the dugouts on Brown field

·         All fields can be used for warm-ups



·         6 PM Welcome—Near registration table

·         6:05:

        * 14U players will hit on Brown Field 

        * 16U / 18U players will have their assessments done (running times,              arm strength)

·         6:45—All players to switch fields and activities

·         7:30:

        * 14U—Fielding on Forrest

        * 16 / 18U—Fielding on Brown

·         7:45—Pitchers and catchers start warming up on baseball field (all others players are free to leave)

·         8pm—pitchers and catchers on Brown Field


It is important to the Fusion that all players are treated with respect and no one is embarrassed on the field with offers or non-offers in front of others.  As a result, ALL communications will be conducted privately through our website using the email and cell you provided.  VERY IMPORTANT that cell Number AND carrier are accurate in our system.  Please note that texts will go to both player and guardian(s).   


Within 2 hours after Monday’s tryout, players will receive 1 of 2 texts:

  1. An offer with requested player answer by 9 AM the next day (if you don’t respond, we will assume you are declining the offer); if you accept, you don’t need to attend further tryouts
  2. A request to return a 2nd night for further evaluation (this doesn’t mean you didn’t make a team but rather that the coaches would like to have a 2nd look)


It is highly recommended that you attend the first night to ensure a better chance of being selected.  In past years, we have shortened tryouts to fewer nights after the first session and this could happen again. 


Should you have any questions please email info@nefusionfastpitch.com


Thank you for considering playing for the New England Fusion, the home of New England’s Fastest Growing Summer Showcase Tournaments!